Mountain Art prints and water colour paintings
In Mountain magazine Nš 88, cover and centrefold illustrations plus article. 'Profiled' in High magazine. Article in Climber magazine plus paintings to illustrate poems. Articles in the Guardian, Telegraph, Scotsman, Liverpool Daily Post and the Scottish Daily Express.

Mountain Art - The Eiger
Lesson from a Stone Persona
from the painting by Anthony Cain
by Mark Goodwin

Eiger you lied to

or did I lie
to myself?

you squat pyramid-bulk
vast like the proverbial brick house

Buddha's bad side hunched huge
above Grindelwald

six thousand feet of grimace seen
from Kleine Scheidegg:

a wrath-grooved rock visage
fit for an ogre with a wit
concise as stonefall

(I chuckled sometimes: thought of Whillans)

yet you caught me out
with subtlety:

on my way up
from the valley on the Wetterhorn
I saw

your Mitellegi aspect:

a surprise edge to your character
I hadn't known that you're also
a limestone blade

I'd not considered
an eastern view before nor had I read
the contour-clues of the map - I'd lied
and only looked into

your Eigerwand

I'd ignored the fact
that just like people mountains
can't have

a single faced single aspect

your bulk then shattered
but in my young climber's mind
your fabled danger

was only multiplied

and since then I've tried
to be ready for the way
mountains surprise

I've failed
with joy but

not enough to be dazzled
out of life

and now I'm older I've realised
that discovering

your blade-elegant alter-ego
helped teach me -

it's the hidden faces the hidden aspects
that are most dangerous

and not so much of climbs but of climbers

other people

From Climber magazine, August 1995.
Mountain Art - Clogwyn du'r Arddu
Clogwyn du'r Arddu
from the painting by Anthony Cain
by Mark Goodwin

as rain-sheened pewter


from intricate screes

into this portrait

by patience focussed
through a brush-tip

this scene's cliff-
amphitheatre is


to the liquid-song
of that copper-blue llyn

the only softness
in this art hangs
as sky

for the sculpted
flesh of Welsh stone here

a harsh ardour

From Climber magazine, August 1995.